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Invision Love

Started in 2011 by Seth Richard Shaw and Nicolas Dominguez, Invision Love began as a duo. Over the years, it has seen its fair share of changes between members and genres. Laying its roots deep in many artists such as Beirut, Of Monsters and Men, Grizzly Bear, and The Smiths, Invision Love has developed their own sound. The band just finished recording their new CD, "Full Circle" and is anxiously awaiting the release. "With an array of quirky horns, pops of ska, Invision Love is your daily dose of happiness" -San Antonio Current.

Edward Travi

American born artist who dives deep into his imagination to create stories without words, expresses himself using piano work and powerful electronic sounds to give each song a fuller feel. His music will take you on a tranquil yet motivating journey; in hopes to inspire and bring peace to your mind.

Ever since he can remember, Edward has always felt a strong calling towards the arts of life. Throughout the years he developed an eclectic understanding and skill for multiple means of expressions like: drawing, painting, writing, sculpting, singing, acting etc. Edward (age 19) was introduced to an upright piano his father purchased for the family room; however, at first Edward did not see the reason for his father’s actions because nobody in the family played the piano; and he let his father know how he felt. He believed that the piano was just going to be collecting dust, and as rebellious as Edward was; he did not touch the piano until a year after it was brought into his home. ​

One late evening Edward (age 20) was left with his father’s house all to himself; and had the urge to finally acquaint himself with the instrument that turned his life around instantly; after all those times of encountering the piano growing up, all of the signs that would slip in and out of his life trying to get his attention; he finally answered and opened the cover to his greatest passion of all; playing the piano. Not knowing exactly where to start at first; Edward would imagine his old grade school band director's voice and gestures conducting him as he familiarized himself with each key that his fingers ran across.

Discovering and appreciating each note he developed a controlled obsession in understanding the nature of the piano as he diligently taught himself how to play. He spent hours at a time exploring the sounds of the piano; and honing into a craft that he will cherish for the rest of his life, using music to express himself, creating anything that came to his mind while he lost himself in the depths of his imagination.

After 3 progressive years of getting to know the piano; he decided to compose his first song "Rise Within"; his anchor that gave him his core belief in himself and the faith to stay on this musical journey. Edward launched his first album “OATH” in 2015, titled after the promise he made with himself at (age 18) to be the best that he could offer to this world; and to never give up on any dream that he feels passionate towards.

Now he spends most of his time studying life while living on his own; spending quality time with his loved ones, meeting new people, performing his work, and composing his latest album in the making "Embrace". He is forever grateful for the privilege of living under the roof of two artists, where the word "can't" was never used; and living with the feeling that anything is possible as the years pass.

Alfonso Nuñez

Alfonso Nuñez EMI recording artist, studio musician, live performer and actor. Alfonso has performed for over 30,000 musical spectators opening for the pointer sisters, tower of power and village people to name a few. Alfonso is also an actor and has performed in various movies and musical scores. Experience

Signed a 5 year recording contract with Capitol EMI records and Zomba records as a member of a musical performance group and obtained experience in promotional tours, radio, television and in-store appearances. Performed and toured with various artists and musical groups in the United States and South America.

Member of the Grammy Voters Academy association.

Received an honorary citizen certificate for the city of El Paso Texas by mayor Larry Frances for volunteer work in conjunction with the El Paso police department and youth for El Paso.

Received the key to the city of Española in New Mexico.

Nominated for best saxophonist at the TTMA association.

Nominated for song of the year, show band of the year in San Antonio Texas.

Interviewed on Primer Impacto (international telecast) in Miami Florida.

Has appeared in several movies in acting roles with credits in “The Return Of Johnny V”, “The Fetish Set” and was Machete's Danny Trejo's body double in a future movie to be released in 2017.

Was involved in the production and recording sessions of musical pieces in several movies and obtained musical credits along side and direction of Brandon Olmos (son of Hollywood actor Edward James Olmos).

Berk Agar

Bio Coming Soon.

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