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Patti Malcolm

Award winning Recording artists and composer. A show woman of artistry and culture, producer, stage director, artistic Director, a lead vocalist for several industrial shows, theatre productions, and a promoter for the Latin Culture. Patti is in continuous motion directing and performing across US, and abroad. Through her remarkable and diverse talent Patti has been established as a well-known artist and has earned recognition and awards from the media and several organizations. Patti is Founder and Executive General Director for Proart Interlatin USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to spread cultural information about music and the arts. Patti has been featured in Univision “lo mejor de lo nuestro” the best of ours,and has received the Entertainment Award by La Prensa in San Antonio. Cd’s Los mejores boleros y baladas, Querido amor, México Tradicional, Romantic Evening, México te canta (original music).

Ruby Alexander

Ruby grew up in a small steel town north of Pittsburgh. Her father was a jazz trumpet player and taught her how to sing at the age of 5. Performing jazz by the age of 14, Ruby has an understanding of musical creativity and improvisation. Her vocal style and performance is highly influenced by the jazz greats of the 30's and 40's. However growing up in the 80's and 90's, she loves reworking songs from her youth to sound like jazz. Ruby aptly names this new genre Retro Pop Fusion. She currently resides in San Antonio and can be seen performing with her band The Bonafide Playboys.

Mac Theroux

Bio Coming Soon.

Lindsay White

Bio Coming Soon.

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Courvier Productions Presents Alamo Vaudeville
Executive Producer Ronnie Courvier
Web Designer Producer Derek Mitchell
Associate Producer / Stage Manager Konise Millender
Associate Producer Rick Gomez
Associate Producer Bryar Saddoris
Graphic Designer Producer Clay Rogers
Assistant Stage Manager Jonathan Schell
Consultant Producer Austin Van De Walle
Directed by Ronnie Courvier